Bastards Still Remain

by This Is Hell



released May 16, 2016

Travis Reilly - vocals
Rick Jimenez - guitar, vocals
Johnny Moore - bass
Dan Bourke - drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered 5/8/16 by Brett Romnes at The Barber Shop Studios (Hopatcong, NJ)
Artwork by Ryan Miller
Logo by Will Blood

Rick Jimenez uses Mesa Boogie amplification, ESP guitars, Ernie Ball strings, EMG pickups, In-Tune guitar picks, Nady Wireless, Maxon Effects pedals.
Dan Boure uses SJC Custom Drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks, Remo drum heads
This is Hell wear Private Hell Clothing and drink Redbull.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bastards Still Remain
We blazed a trail and you fucking mocked us
looked down on us with your fucking nose up
now look at you crawling down that trail
shit eating grin I pray that you fail

Ego so large that it fills the room
Alliance is lost, selfishness consumes
Bastards still remain...

they walk among us, waving flags that they've taken from us
hijacked form passing as their own, decomposed down to the bone
Bastards still remain

We took all the risk while you got the reward
there’s a special place in hell for all of you frauds
Took you under our wing when you came around
but when we need you we don't hear a sound.
Track Name: Excuses Pile Up
I can't wrap my head around the way you go through life
playing victim at every turn, always complaining despite...

Committing crimes, searching for pride
Hollow inside, living a lie

A lack of pressure put on you at any point
responsibility shunned from those you disappoint

Time after time the excuses pile up
blame it all on others, blame it on bad luck

Always bitching about everybody else
time to point the finger at yourself
refused acceptance of the result of never acting like a fucking adult
Track Name: Space Mountain
You tried to stooge me out to your friends so you could shine
but now the heat is on you, and you’re fucking mine.

I had you eating out of the palm of my hand, and I’ll do it again
push your luck with me while I do it to your friend

You shot on me for the last time
one offense on a long list of crimes
you’ve been guilty right from the start
you’re not the victim, you’re just playing the part

Retribution will find you, and that’s for sure
tried to drag my name through the mud
I can’t wait to show you the door

You got swerved and you’re too blind to see...
pathetic hypocrite, you think you’ll bury me?
Put you over right from the start
I should’ve known you’re just another mark
Track Name: You Think I Don't Know
You think I don't know
Track Name: In The Name Of...
Past glories fading, the loss of fame
No respect is owed due to your name
They reminisce about the "good old days"
Ignore the present basking in memories

Tired rhetoric to do what they say
Sacrificing self in the name of unity

Rambling repetition, catch phrase with no conviction
Name fucking posers grasping at any chance...
To jump into the light, attracting all eyesight
Turn every conversation to eras past

Living in that box was killing me
Track Name: Anarchy On Atlantic
23 years of suffering and pain
23 years of someone else’s reign
23 years of being the underdogs
23 years ahh fuck the fuck off

The streak is over... The curse is now dead

23 years, no end in sight
23 years, ahh not without a fight
23 years, this might be the one
23 years, what’s done is fucking done

It’s anarchy on atlantic, I’m losing my mind
It’s anarchy on atlantic, we’re feeling just fine
It’s anarchy on atlantic, what’re you gonna do?
It’s anarchy on atlantic, orange and fucking blue!
Track Name: Among Us All
Fuck your standings, forget your caste
Shove your judgments, fuck high class
Screw adapting, fight the rules
End the scorn, fuck ridicule

Embrace contempt, welcomes disdain
Accept the scorn, embrace the pain
Bask in spite, warm to the sneers
Pride in your hate, thrilled with your fear

Void of any value in the brain

Tempers rising, pressures at the brink
Your image fades much sooner than you think

Monstrosities among us all
Social climbers eventually fall
Regurgitating archaic phrase
Face without a name, a fucking charade

Tempers rising and pressures at the brink

Your image fades much sooner than you think
Track Name: Never Will It Stop
Venom drips through my clenched teeth
I bite my tongue, no sign of relief
Shut my eyes as tight as I can
your image burns through my fucking skull again

Everybody hates you, are you really surprised?
Bottom of the barrel with the roaches and flies
You wanna know what I know and you think you do
All of your worst fears, yeah, it’s true

You’re misery and shit in human form
You’re walking, talking proof of a world gone wrong
You live in carnage so that’s how you’ll die
accept your shitty fate and stop asking why
Track Name: Absolute Power Corrupts
Yeah, you claim that it’s everybody until you say it’s not
in your little circle is where you’re gonna rot

I can’t fucking relate and I’m glad I never will
beyond disconnected and I’m running for the hills

You claim that it’s for everybody, unless they’re not like you
pseudo inclusive posers, yeah, this one’s for you

Seeing red and I want to destroy everything that ties you and I

Seeing red and I want to explode, an army of clones doing as their told Seeing red and I want to combust, light a match, turn me to dust

I want to explode
Track Name: This Is Hell
Resurrected, rose from the grave
Grudges too strong to be deaths slave
Years gone by, darkness dwelled
That was then, this is hell

Spent so long under attack, now we pull the pin and we throw it back

Lines were drawn and sides were chose
Weeded out friends from foes
Learning from the past mistakes
Associating with rats and snakes

Spent so long under attack, now we pull the pin and we throw it back

They tried to harm me then, but you can't break us now
Can't get much lower when you've lived underground

All I've learned from my mistakes is I'm immune to rats and snakes
Track Name: Retaliate
When the lights have been out for so long, you get used to the dark
hell bent on destruction, there's no need for a spark

Whether you’re a king or a street sweeper
we all gotta dance with the grim reaper
Whether you got a king or a one eyed jack
we all gotta dance with the man in black
Track Name: No Martyr
Fallen before but never this far
Hang your head, hide your scars
Wasting your days, living regret
Blaming the game for losing again

You're not worth my time
No, won't let you cloud my fucking mind
You’re not worth my time
You’re not a martyr, Just in your mind

Falling again, deeper than deep
Feeling condemned and incomplete
Giving it up before you fought
Decaying inside, living to rot

You’re not a martyr, Just the victim in your mind

So I'm Fucking giving up on thinking that you’ll try
Don’t wanna hear your shit, it’s all just fucking more lies
Words expose your weakness, impossible to hide
Your voice will soon decay as you do inside